The records speak for themselves! Yes, Las Vegas gets a little toasty in the summer, however the rest of the year is like living in paradise. That’s why people move here and why people continually visit Las Vegas.

Average Las Vegas Temperatures
All figures are according to National Weather Service records for the Las Vegas Valley.
Month High Low

January 58° F (14° C) 34° F (1° C)

February 63° F (17° C) 39° F (4° C)

March 69° F (21° C) 44° F (7° C)

April 78° F (26° C) 51° F (11° C)

May 88° F (31° C) 60° F (16° C)

June 100° F (38° C) 69° F (21° C)

July 106° F (41° C) 74° F (23° C)

August 103° F (39° C) 74° F (23° C)

September 95° F (35° C) 66° F (19° C)

October 82° F (28° C) 54° F (12° C)

November 67° F (19° C) 43° F (6° C)

December 58° F (14° C) 34° F (1° C)

Record Vegas Temperatures

Coldest day Jan. 13, 1963 8° F (-13° C)

Hottest day Tie: July 24, 1942 and July 19, 2005 117° F (47° C)

Average Rainfall
All measurements in inches. Figures according to National Weather Service records for the Las Vegas Valley.
Month Precipitation
January 0.50
February 0.45
March 0.40
April 0.20
May 0.20
June 0.20
July 0.45
August 0.55
September 0.30
October 0.25
November 0.45
December 0.30

Record Rain, Snow
All figures are according to National Weather Service records for the Las Vegas Valley. Amounts given are for a 24-hour time period.
Record rainfall Aug. 20-21, 1957 2.59 inches
Record snowfall Jan. 4-5, 1974 9 inches

No State Tax
Nevada’s tax laws attract new residents and businesses to the state as Nevada has no personal income tax or corporate income tax.

International Airport
McCarran International Airport is a major airport with flights around the world on a daily basis. If you are flying back home to see the family or traveling for business you will enjoy an airport that will not be shut down due to weather. Flights take off and land non-stop at McCarran airport. The airport is easy to navigate and the services are very convenient. Of course, this is Las Vegas and people visit here all the time.

No matter where you are located people know of Las Vegas, Entertainment Capital of the World. There is no place on earth like Las Vegas when it comes to entertainment. Whether it is Garth Brooks, David Copperfield, or Cirque du Soleil.

Housing Affordability
As of this writing the current median list price in Las Vegas, NV is $140,000. This house averages 1807 Sq.ft. and has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Compared to a other real estate markets of the US the Las Vegas real estate market is considered quite affordable. This is especially attractive if you live in an area where housing is more expensive as you can sell high where you are and buy low in Las Vegas. If you are retired you’ll love the lifestyle in Las Vegas. There is a major retirement community here that is quite vibrant. Whether you work from home via the internet or if you travel by jet, you will find Las Vegas very accommodating. Also, if you love golf, you will love golfing in Las Vegas.

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