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December 16, 2017

Find Vegas Investment Properties in the Las Vegas Real Estate Listings

Investment property in Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas Real Estate Listings
Search the Las Vegas real estate listings in the MLS for Vegas investment properties. We are experienced Las Vegas real estate agents to answer your questions that you may have. You can easily search the MLS for single family homes, townhouses, or condos right from your computer. You’ll find foreclosures, short sales, and standard sales for all Las Vegas zip codes. When looking for homes for sale you will find photos of the properties, detailed descriptions, and also maps to give you the property location. The MLS listings will provide you with the number of bedrooms, baths, and the garage size. You will also find the sq.ft. of the house as well as the list price.

Las Vegas Investment Properties
Las Vegas homes have not been at this level since the late 1990’s. Many people never thought they would see Las Vegas houses return to these prices. As a result, real estate investors are once again attracted to the southern Nevada real estate market and are purchasing Vegas investment properties in neighborhoods all across the valley. If you read my recent Las Vegas Homes Report you will see that 6% of the Las Vegas real estate listings are being “flipped” for a profit. On the other hand, there are easily just as many property investors that are in a buy and hold situation with their real estate investment. This means that the property investor buys investment properties at a bargain price and rents the property for cash flow over a period of time. The purchaser can sell the property at a later time for a profit when the real estate market has appreciated.

Currently, over 50% of the Vegas properties that close escrow are purchased by cash buyers. Obviously, many of these cash buyers are real estate investors looking to make the most of their money in the down Las Vegas real estate market. In the case of these smart buyers, the NV housing crisis has created housing opportunities. A main rule of thumb for those who buy investment properties is to “buy low and sell high.” While one will never know the exact time the residential real estate will hit bottom, it is quite safe to say that the largest percentage of property depreciation has already taken place in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Real Estate Agents
When you search the Las Vegas real estate listings to shop for Vegas investment properties make sure that you also shop for experienced Las Vegas real estate agents. Jackie and Bob Simmons of the Realty One Group have been selling residential properties in Las Vegas Nevada since 1995. If you are interested in a single family home, townhome, condo, or high rise we can assist you every step of the way with your housing needs. We also have a team of experienced mortgage lenders as well as accomplished escrow officers from the title company to help with your real estate needs. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Search the Las Vegas MLS listings to find Homes for Sale!

When buying or selling Las Vegas real estate…
Contact an Experienced Las Vegas Realtor!
Bob and Jackie Simmons
The Realty One Group

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A Thank You to our Las Vegas Home Buyers

House warming gift for our Las Vegas home Buyer

My wife, Jackie and myself would like to thank two very special people who just purchased a beautiful golf course community home in Silverstone Ranch in northwest Las Vegas, NV. Our clients now have a wonderful 1 story house overlooking the golf course that also has fabulous mountain views. The particular property they purchased was a bank owned home that has 2,400 sq.ft., 4 bedrooms, and 3 baths. The foreclosure is just a few years old and our clients will make a few minor changes in the choice of flooring and paint to personalize their new home to their liking. The entire buying process went very smoothly from finding the right property, negotiating the offer with the bank, and closing the escrow.

They say that timing is everything and our clients were able to realize a very good value on their property especially when compared to what this home was selling for at the peak of the Las Vegas real estate market. It is fair to say that home prices in the area of this purchase are down 50-60% since 2007.

Our clients, who are from out of town were referred to us by a friend. During the home buying process we communicated by phone and email. The entire process was made very easy because our clients were able to search the Las Vegas MLS listings from our blog site to find homes for sale. By using our MLS search features on our site one is able to search all the listings in the MLS, see pictures of the properties, and read the descriptions of the homes. All it takes is just a click of the mouse!

Thinking of buying Vegas real estate? Consider us as your Las Vegas real estate agents when searching for Vegas homes. We will find Las Vegas houses for your particular needs and communicate with you every step of the way.

Jackie and I have been helping buyers and sellers of Las Vegas residential real estate since 1995. We look forward to helping with your real estate needs.

For experienced Las Vegas Realtors contact:
Bob and Jackie Simmons
Realty One Group

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Las Vegas Homes are a BUY

Median home price: $65,100
Median annual rent: $10,200

Price-to-rent ratio: 6

Las Vegas: Buy

The source of this posting is from a article Home Prices: The Double-dip is near.

Part of the article focuses on what cities are best to rent and what cities are best to buy. Las Vegas is considered a place to buy. If you plan buy a house in Vegas and own the property for a while, this is likely a good bet. Prices of Las Vegas homes for sale are very low now and there is a good selection of Vegas houses from which to select.


The buy-rent ratio very much in favor of buy in Sin City. “Buying is a much better play,” said local real estate investor, Glenn Plantone.

In fact, Plantone is dead certain that home prices in the area have hit bottom.

Already, prices for practically new homes are below the cost of building new ones and development has come to a screeching halt. Eventually, the inventory overhang of homes for sale will be sucked up and that will lead to modest home price recovery.

That means buyers will save money every month they don’t rent and their purchases will prove to be sound investments as well.

If you want a single family home in a good neighborhood of Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, or North Las Vegas (to name a few) there are real estate listings to match your needs. On this site you can search the MLS to find homes for sale for any of the Las Vegas zip codes. Find a property type that works for you. You can see pictures of the properties, see the list price, square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the size of the garage.

You can also search the MLS to find condos for sale.

To buy a house in Vegas contact:
Bob and Jackie Simmons
Realty One Group