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The Clark County School District is the 4th largest in the United states as of 2014. 320,400 students were enrolled during the 2015-2016 school year. Due to the large number of families moving into the Las Vegas area from the 1990s through 2007, the school district saw tremendous growth in student enrollment.  Voter approved bond issues were approved to help the Clark County School district deal with this rapid growth. As a result, many new schools were built to accommodate students. Also, some years saw as many as 16 new schools opening.

There are a variety of both public and private schools available to residents. Also, many Las Vegas schools have web sites with specific school news along with activities. In addition Clark County provides each student and their parents parents free access to a web site.  As a result, information regarding student classes, homework assignments and upcoming school events can be obtained.

As a parent and homeowner, you many want to buy a home in an area where a Las Vegas school is ranked highly. You can review the rankings of the various schools at Clark County School Rankings. When you find schools where you would like to own a home, you can find a house for sale on

The Clark County School District encompasses 358 schools.  Also, it covers approximately 8,000 square miles in southern Nevada.  Plus, it is a minority majority student district. Moreover, it has more than 42,000 employees making CCSD the largest employer in the state.

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